Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the 3rd Tri!

Lots is happening. Johnny can blink and hear and is over 2 pounds! He is starting to fill out, and stretch the heck out of me.
I'm very excited and nervous about his arrival. I've had another u/s to monitor my fibroids and seeing him makes me want him here. I know he needs to cook longer, but I am anxious for his arrival.

I know I've been a slacker, but we've had a rough couple of weeks. Chris' dad lost his battle with prostate cancer a couple weeks ago. It's been devastating and I haven't been a good blogger since it happened.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

26 weeks

I had to C&P this, I was amazed:

At long last, your little swimmer can see the womb! Your miracle’s little eyelids have finally separated (they were fused closed previously) and they’re probably having their first moments of sight as you read this (or maybe it already happened while you were brushing your teeth or watching Oprah or something). In addition to seeing their little studio in your belly, they’ve recently acquired the ability to say “yes” and “no” in rudimentary sign language as they can now move their head back and forth. This is also the time where your little super star’s head hair is starting to grow! A cute little cowlick or two may be springing into position right now, getting ready for years of cute-but-stubborn bed-head. Also, their toenails have grown in and you little raisin continues to slowly pile up fat beneath their still-loose skin. Most importantly, brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace, increasing their (genius-level?) brain activity and will continue to function at accelerated levels for the first seven to eight years of childhood!