Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Happy Aunt

My goddaughter/niece is my buddy. We play and talk on the phone and have a grand old time.

Last Saturday, I was coming over to visit her. I guess she was all excited, since she told her Nana (my mom) that she was going to "see Missa". Then when I got there, the squeals and happy dances were a plenty.

Brooke calls all cars "choo choos". It's too cute.
Well when my mom visited, she and my sister and Brooke went to run errands. In their travels, they saw plenty of cars that look like mine. Every time, Brooke would point and ask "Missa choo choo?". Mom would explain that it wasn't me, but Brooke would insist it was. She would then ask Nana where Missa was. Talk about feeling the love!

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