Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boobs, bloat and brain fog

If ever I thought a man invented bras, I double that now. Although not 24/7, my boobs are sore beyond belief. It doesn't matter what type of bra I wear, I long for the moment I can rip it off!

I'm officially also bloated. My pants still fit but I am afraid I'll pop if I sit down too fast. Might have to invest in a bella band (I think that's what it's called).

Finally, the brain fog. I am forgetting to do things at work. Nothing major, just to make a copy of something or put a file away. Top that off with being sleepy I'm just about worthless at getting my work done as quickly as before.


  1. ah, the joys of pregnancy! Get as much sleep as you can, and the brain fog will continue after baby is born :o) 2nd tri is great for getting things done, you get a whole new second wind with lots of energy!

  2. I got the belly sleeve from Motherhood maternity, it's cheeper then the bella band. Sorry your boobs hurt, but really it's a good thing:)