Friday, June 19, 2009

My 1st appointment

Remind me to never be an end of the day appointment again. The staff at my OB's office are tired and crabby by then! I had to wait while the check-in nurse chatted up the patient checking out before I could check in. Then the lady who gave me my pee cup was a bit unfriendly (although she warmed up later).
So I get in the room and begin the wait while I sit all sexy in my paper dress. The exam was tougher than usual, everything was tighter or sore. The good news is that everything felt and looked pregnant!
I got my script for a viability ultrasound, which is scheduled for next Friday. Then doc gives me this list of blood work to do. I take a look at it later and decide I'm nixing a couple things. I believe I would know if I had syphilis! Besides, I talked to other moms and they said a couple of the tests she wanted me to take were optional. So, I am down from having 9 vials to 5 or 6. Considering I don't want to give them any, and I'm doing the big ones, this should suffice. If I have to do the other 3, fine, I'll go another day. I am not sitting through 9 at once!

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